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About me

My name is Andreia de Miranda Hollenstein, I'm Brazilian, Rio de Janeiro and graduated in Psychology in 2007 from Universidade Veiga de Almeida in RJ, I have a postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology.

- 2008 to 2012: Berlin, Germany. Psychological clinical care for Brazilians residing in Germany with permission to practice psychotherapy - Heilpraktiker.  

Columnist for the BnA - Brazilians in Germany website that addressed issues on immigration, psychology, culture and the feminine.

- 2013 to 2015: Volunteer psychologist at the Brazilian Red Cross in the department FESPsi - Special Force for Psychological Support in Disasters and coordinator of the department of psychological care for refugees in Rio de Janeiro. Private psychological clinical care.  

- Currently:

  • Member of the ICF - Freud Cultural Institute.  

  • SPID participant: Iracy Doyle Psychoanalytic Society.  

  • Columnist for Statto Magazine and Superela Site.  

  • Psychologist who is part of the Sakura Project - Psychological assistance to the Brazilian community residing in Japan.  

  • Partner psychologist at a German recruitment multinational based in Düsseldorf. Responsible for the psychological support of Brazilian professionals in the process of expatriation to Germany.  

  • Psychoanalytical assistance for adults in person in Rio de Janeiro and online.




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